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Krasimira Georgieva about photo

photo credit: Anastasiya Vetsova

I am a qualified school teacher in Art and Philosophy but still a student myself. 

I was born and raised in Sofia, but still a work in progress in collaboration with all the places and people I find. Music and books keep me going. I believe that real life is better than fiction, but a good work of any art form shows me the way to go whenever I get lost at a party. 

This website is to host my feelings and thoughts in paintings, writings, and blog posts I can return to when I need to be reminded of who I am and to have a window to myself I can give to people to look through if they fancy the connection. I hope you will find something inspiring, if not transformational, while here. Serve yourself, and let me know if you need any help around.

In addition to the social media links (top right and bottom center), you can find my taste on Goodreads, Spotify, and IMDB, CV on LinkedIn.

Thanks for coming, and enjoy your stay! 

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